Pastoral Care

I am pleased to be able to share with you that a new group is now been put in place to help those within our church and community.

This will involve making home visits when needed and we will offer bread and wine for those that are unable to receive communion in church.

A few of us will be at the Saturday coffee mornings to talk and give any support where we can, we are here to help.

My role as pastoral coordinator is to make sure that anyone who needs help in our church family and community will be made known so one of the pastoral care team can support where ever possible.

Please speak to me whenever I am around, I will make time for you I need your help to know where people may be struggling so we can offer to serve and care for one another practically and through prayer. if you feel you would like to speak to one of the readers then I will arrange that for you.

It is a privilege to be chosen and used by Jesus

Julie Barker

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