At the end of life and in a time of grief, many people gain strength and comfort from God. We can offer a Christian funeral service which will include music, prayers and reflections on the life of your loved one.

It is at such times that we can draw close to God or become angry with him for the suffering we have seen and the pain endured. We believe that God grieves with us and hope that we could encourage you to give thanks for the life you have known and confidently commit them into God’s hands.

We are available to offer a Christian service in church or at the crematorium or graveside. It is usual that the deceased has either been living in the parish or has had strong connections with St Mary’s.

St Mary’s graveyard was closed to new graves being dug some years ago, but existing family graves can be opened up for fresh burials if there is room to do so.

We bury ashes, in loose form (not in a container), in the Garden of Remembrance on a regular basis. Monuments (no bigger than 6X6X6 inches) made by an authorised memorial mason, after permission has been given by the church, can be placed around the edge of the Garden of Remembrance.

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