This week the sun is shining after a week of very mixed weather. Its a great thing for the many pubs and cafes in the country who are opening for the first time in ages, holiday homes are reopening and attractions.

But instead of looking at that I've decided to look at shadows, I love shadows always have. The effect they provide is unique to that particular thing or person. Yesterday I took the children to Markeaton Park and shadows were everywhere.

The one that I really like is the one of me and the children, the shadow in front leading us to our destination.

But the midweek reflection says to look at the sun and have our reflection behind?

Self reflection is a major thing for me and looking at the image I can see many flaws but when I look at God's word it helps to show me that we are made in God's image.

What is reflection in Bible?

What the Bible says about self reflection?

1 Corinthians 11:28

This verse clearly prescribes believers to self-reflect before taking part in communion. The reason Paul mentions this to the church is that there were many divisions and conflicts in the Corinthian community.

How do you reflect on the word of God?

four things that help me read and/or reflect on Scripture.

*Find something that works for you! For some people, they read chapters and chapters at a time. ...

*Use some kind of plan! ...

*Share what you learn and apply it in your life! ...

*Connect with God while you read.

What is a spiritual reflection?

Spiritual reflection for Christian believers is the process of thinking, pondering, or reflecting on biblical teachings, Scripture, and/or sermons. ... Spiritual reflection transforms our spiritual life, matures our faith, and improves nursing practice by applying God's Word.

Whether you are looking at the sun or the away from it know that you are not alone.